1st Birthday Cakes
For Your Special Little One

1st birthday cakes
A first birthday is so special. Looking back at first birthday photographs, seeing your child and how they have changed, is an emotional experience for most parents.

Once you have decided upon your 1st birthday ideas, it's time to decide on your cake. Your baby won't be too concerned about the design- like most first birthday parties, the first birthday cake is more for you, your guests, and your memories of your babys special day.

Ideas for 1st Birthday Cakes

1st Birthday Cakes

Balloon Cake

1st birthday cake

I made this cake for my sons first birthday. He loved the balloon, but wasn't at all excited about the cake at the time! As with the first birthday party food, this cake was enjoyed more by the small group of family and friends who came to the party.

To make this cake you will need:

  1. Make up your 9 inch layer cake recipe, bake and allow to cool
  2. Make up a quantity of chocolate buttercream (6 oz butter to 12 oz icing sugar)
  3. Flatten off the layers and brush off the loose crumbs
  4. Place the layers onto the cake board, using a little of the buttercream to fill the cake
  5. Cover the cake with a thin layer of the buttercream (use a long, flat knife, or an icing knife, dipped in hot water and dried to smooth the icing surface
  6. Put the rest of the chocolate buttercream into a large icing bag, add a flat/serrated tip and begin the basketweave icing
  7. Start by piping a straight line on the side of the cake from the top to the bottom

    basketweave icing

  8. Next, ice a line, about 1/2 inch long, across this line at the top, and at intervals the width of the tip apart
  9. Ice another straight line, top to bottom, covering the edges of the ½ inch lines

    basketweave icing

  10. Repeat this pattern around the cake

    basketweave frosting

  11. When you have completed the basketweave around the sides, switch to a star tip, and pipe a circle of stars around the tip of the cake

    basketweave icing

  12. If you wish to decorate the top of the cake, do so now, adding a birthday greeting, or perhaps animal shapes made out of marzipan or sugar paste
  13. To add the balloon, take two drinking straws, and place these at opposite edges of the cake circle, pushing them gently into the cake to secure

    balloon cake

  14. Take your helium filled balloon. Cross the straws and tie together using the balloon ribbon

    balloon cake

  15. There you have it, your very own balloon cake for your special little person

1st Birthday Cakes

This is one of my favorite first birthday ideas. I made this 1st birthday cake for my middle son, and it was very easy to decorate, but looked wonderful.

Rocking Horse Cake

1st birthday cakes

To make this cake you will need

  1. Prepare the two sheet cake baking pans by greasing and flouring
  2. Make up the yellow cake (or your own favourite) recipe
  3. Pour into the prepared baking pans and bake according to your recipes instructions
  4. Put the baked cakes onto a wire rack to cool
  5. When totally cold, the cake is ready to cut and decorate
  6. Using the template, cut out the shape of the rocking horse

    1st birthday cake template

  7. Brush off the excess crumbs and place the cake carefully onto the cake board
  8. Make up a quantity of buttercream
  9. Spread a thin layer of the buttercream onto the top and sides of the cake
  10. Color the thick buttercream in the colors chosen for your rocking horse cake. The body, mane and tail of my rocking horse were decorated in un-colored buttercream. The reins and area between the horse and rocker were yellow, the saddle and rocker were blue.
  11. Fill an icing bag with blue icing and put on a star tip. Fill in the rocker and saddle area (using the template as a guide) using the star tip.
  12. Using a star tip, put the yellow buttercream in a piping bag and outline the half-circle between the horse and the rocker. Fill this in by holding the star tip at the edge of the rocker area in contact with the cake, and slowly icing a line of icing around the half-circle shape, finishing at the edge of the rocker. Repeat this until the half-circle is filled.
  13. Still with the yellow icing and the star tip, form the reins and a number 1 on the saddle
  14. Using the un-colored icing, and a star tip, ice stars to fill the body and face for the horse.
  15. Next, using the star tip and uncoloured icing, make short star lines, to create the tail and mane.
  16. Using the small circle tip and the black icing, add the eye and nose area of the rocking horse
  17. Use a small circle tip and the red colored buttercream to write the birthday greeting
  18. Enjoy

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