A Unique 80th Birthday Idea
The Road Trip!

The Best 80th Birthday Road Trip Ever!

This is a very special 80th birthday idea. We planned this for my grandmother and we had the most wonderful day.

Find out from relatives, and discreetly from the birthday person themselves, where their favorite places were when they were growing up. Where was their family home? Where did they play? Where did they go to school? Where did their parents work? Where did they meet their spouse? Then put together a map, or a number of mini maps, of the places that were part of their younger life.

When you have your map, or maps, the next thing to do is to plan a mini road trip to visit some of these places. Now some of the places won't still be around- a lot of development has happened over the last 80 years! But the area where the places were will still be around.

Carefully plot your route, building in time to stop off for coffee and a bite to eat, as well as the usual restroom stops.

Take a voice recorder, or camcorder, along with you, and let the birthday person tell you about their memories relating to each place.

You will learn so much about your special birthday person's life- and they will remember things that they had long forgotten.

If you have lots of places to visit, plan to do the road trip over a couple of days, so that the birthday person doesn't get too tired. If you are planning a party, plan this for another day, so that both you and the birthday person will be refreshed and ready to enjoy it.

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