A Musical Journey
For 80th Birthday Parties

Looking for a Musical Idea for 80th Birthday Parties

How about A Musical Journey Party?

No matter how old we are, we all love music. Music plays a significant part of most peoples lives, and we often link music to certain events in our lives. This idea for 80th birthday parties is all about the music linked to significant events in our life, and will surely delight all.

So how to plan it?

The first thing you need to do is to write down the significant events in the birthday persons life, with dates, for example:

  • When they were born
  • When their siblings were born
  • When they started grade (primary) school
  • The day they caught their first fish
  • They day they got their first pet
  • Their first date
  • When they graduated high school
  • When they started college
  • The date they moved into their first home
  • The date they got their first job
  • When they got married
  • The dates their children were born
  • The dates their grandchildren were born

    The list above has general events just to give you an idea. Each list will reflect the special life of the birthday person and be totally unique.

    Next, it's time to find the tunes that were around on the significant dates, and put together your musical play list. If you know the birthday person had a special song played when they were married, or had a tune they just always loved to dance to in highschool, make sure you include these. The net is a great resource- you can buy the tunes straight from the download sites and store them on your MP3 player. If you prefer using CD's (and that would include me!), the net, again, is a useful resource, as are specialist audio stores. For the early dates you may have to improvise, as recordings may be hard to come by. But it's worth trying archive services, for example at radio stations, or large libraries with audio sections, to see if they can help.

    Once you have completed your play list, put together a Musical Memoir to present to the birthday person, giving the significant event, the date and the tune you chose. You can go a step further, and expand the musical memoir to a full blown Memory Book, complete with pictures, tunes, and notes from family and friends.

    Put together a presentation CD, or play list on a memory card, to accompany the Musical Memoir, or Memory Book (make sure that you have purchased the tunes and comply with copyright!) as a perfect finishing touch to their Musical Journey.

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