United We Stand
For A Wonderful 80th Birthday Party

United We Stand 80th Birthday Party

This theme is all about family. If your 80th birthday person is the center of your family- a true matriarch or patriarch, then this may be the idea for you.

Get the whole family together, and give yur special birthday person a party they will love.

Make it totally family centered. Gather family photographs from as far back as you can get them. Put the photographs on large boards, perhaps in date order, or in family groups. Get family members to write out memory cards, relating to things they have done with the birthday person- perhaps divided into sections according to the experiences, for example:

  • a section for funny stories
  • a section for happy events
  • a section relating to kids
  • a section for surprise events
  • a section relating to pets
  • a section relating to work

    Pop these together onto large boards for all to read, or into a Memory Book, which can be read at the party, then presented to the birthday person as a special gift.

    One extra special idea is to have some of the cards printed onto fabric squares. The fabric squares are sewn together and made into a Memory Quilt. This is so special, and will be treasured forever, and no doubt kept as a family heirloom.

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