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Racking your brain for Adult Birthday Ideas?

Don't forget that adults are just big kids- and love to have fun as much as the children do! Planning the perfect celebration takes time. Find tips and theme ideas to help plan your perfect party.

Young, or young at heart, find out how to throw the perfect Adult Birthday Party, and find a huge selection of adult birthday ideas.

And keep checking back- we add ideas constantly!

Adult Birthday Ideas Set Your Party Budget

How Big Should Your Party Be?

Choosing Your Party Venue

Adult Birthday Party Ideas by Age

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Whatever you are considering for your adult party ideas, here are party planning top tips to help:
Set Your Party Budget.
Decide on your budget and stick to it. It's so easy to get carried away in the party throwing process, and load up the credit card, "what the heck, you're only xx years old once!" But believe me, there's nothing worse than the morning after the celebration, waking up and getting that dreadful sinking feeling when you think, "How much did that really cost me? How on earth am I going to pay it all off?!?" Some of my very best parties have been truly cheap and cheerful. On the other hand, if you have the money and can afford a blow-out, then go for it and enjoy it.

How Big Should Your Party Be?
When you are considering your adult birthday ideas, think about what type of party you would like. You may want a huge party, with lots of friends, and friends of friends, turning up to have a wild time, or perhaps you prefer an elegant, intimate affair, with gourmet nibbles and champagne? Or you may want a few very close friends around to reminisce, eat pizza and drink good, cold beer. By deciding how many people you would like at the party helps you to focus on options for your theme, how you will spend your budget and what type of venue you will need.

Choosing Your Party Venue.
Your budget, the number of guests you wish to invite and the party theme all impact on the type of venue you will need for your party. If you need to hire a venue, check out the internet, your local paper and your phone book - 'party venues, party places, event hire and function rooms' are good search terms to start with. Contact the potential venue, go and have a look around, and negotiate the price. If it's a quiet time you may get a good deal.

Making a checklist of things you will need for your party theme is useful before you visit your venue.

When considering your venue, think about how it will look at the party itself. How much decoration will be required to give it the look you want? If you are having hot food, are there kitchen facilities to keep the food warm? Is there enough space for a separate food area? Are there tables and chairs available at the venue? Will there be enough room for your guests? Will there be too much room? Don't pay for a huge space if all you need is a small room for a few close friends. Add the cost of all the extras you will need to your venue cost to make sure you are sticking to your budget.

Adult Birthday Ideas by Age.
There are limitless adult birthday ideas, and it can be hard to know where to start. However, some ideas are best suited to very large affairs, whereas some adult party ideas fit better if the guest list is small in number. Think about the type of celebration you would like, the occasion you are celebrating, how many people you plan to invite, the age range of your guests and the likes and dislikes of the party person (for example, it would be no good planning a disco themed party if they hate to dance!)

21st birthday ideas
I've chosen the 21st birthday for my first group of adult birthday ideas because I still remember my 21st party as if it were yesterday (well, I had two actually, and I remember both vividly). One was an intimate family occasion, with a delicious meal at a special restaurant; the second was a huge joint party thrown with one of my very best friends, with all our college friends, as well as friends and family from home invited.

For me becoming 21 signifies a rite of passage - 'the key of the door' and I think this should be celebrated.

I hope you find inspiration in my 21st birthday ideas, for a party that you'll remember forever.

40th birthday ideas.
O boy. This is the big one for a lot of us and one where I have spent a lot of time researching adult birthday ideas for my own family and friends. I'm not sure why our 40th birthday has such resonance- maybe it's the age we really do feel we have to grow up? Or maybe it's the time we start to fee the weight of our responsibilities- our kids (if we have them), our careers and our wider family. With all this weight on our shoulders, it's definitely time for a humdinger of a party, and I've put some great 40th birthday ideas right here for you.

80th Birthday Ideas
80 is a special age. It's an age for reflection, and celebration. Whether you are looking for a huge family celebration, or a quiet way to thank a special someone for their love and support over the years, you'll find wonderful ideas right here.

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