Birthday Cake Ideas
for you to make at home

Birthday Cake Ideas are by no means a modern invention- the birthday cake has been around for centuries. In Ancient Rome, they added honey to bread to make a sweet 'cake', which was served at special birthdays. In 18th century Germany, candles were added to the top of cakes to celebrate a birthday.

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Today, birthday cakes come in all shapes and sizes. Chocolate cakes continue to be the most popular flavor of cake for a birthday, followed by yellow and white cakes. You can decide to make it yourself, or you can buy a cake from a specialist baker, or supermarket. I love making party cakes, particularly kid's birthday cakes, and I love thinking up new designs. I'm certainly no master baker, but my kids remember their birthdays first by which cake they had, then by the party theme. If you don't have time to make a cake, there are some great cakes out there to buy off the shelf. If you do have time, I hope my cake ideas give you food for thought!

Cakes should taste as good as they look. Do you want a yummy chocolate cake? How about a firm cake for creating fancy shapes? Find a cake recipe that will be perfect for your special cake.

Kids Birthday Cakes
At a kids party, the birthday cake can be the focal point for the theme, or maybe of special significance to the birthday child. Time and money are real pressure on most of us nowadays, but if you would like kids birthday cake ideas that fit with your busy lifestyles and your pocket, then check these out.

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