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Birthday Cake Recipes

Birthday Cake Recipes
A good cake recipe is worth keeping hold of.

If you need a basic yellow, white, chocolate or fruit cake recipe, then you'll find them right here. If you are making a shaped cake, you will need a firmer cake for cutting- check out the recipe for a great firm Yellow Cake.

Yellow Cake Recipes

White Cake Recipe

Chocolate Cake Recipes

Fruit Cake Recipes

Frosting Recipes

How to Prepare Your Baking Pans

Weight Conversions

Preparing your Baking Pans
Preparation is the key to all cake recipes. To make sure that the cake doesn't stick to the pan, I tend to grease and flour my baking pans. To grease and flour a pan, you need to: 1. Coat the bottom and sides of the inside of the baking pan with a thin layer of shortening- margarine or butter is good for this 2. Put a little shortening on a piece of rolled up kitchen roll, or a pastry brush, and rub this over the insides of the pan- this gives a very thin, even layer. 3. Sprinkle a little flour into the baking pan, and, over the sink, tip the pan to the side and pat the sides of the pan to distribute the flour evenly across the bottom and the sides

Weight Conversions
The cake recipes are shown in ounces and grams. If you use cups, the approximate conversion values are:

  • Flour: 4oz (125g) is equivalent to approx. 1 cup
  • Shortening, butter or margarine: 8oz (250g) is equivalent to approx. 1 cup
  • Sugar: 8oz (250g) is equivalent to approx. 1 cup
  • Confectioners sugar: 5oz (150g) is equivalent to approx. 1 cup

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