Casino Party Ideas

Casino Party
A casino party is a perfect 40th birthday idea- it has sophistication, it has suspense, and it is lots of fun. It's also very easy to organise, as the theme is the party- including all the games. If you don't like to gamble, don't worry. You don't have to really gamble to have this type of party. Nobody bets real money. Simply give out chips to your party guests and let them have fun at your party tables. This is a party where you guests can really dress up, and if you wish you could even make it a black tie affair.

Options for your Casino Party

Party Invitations Ideas

Casino Food and Drink Ideas

There are many options for this 40th birthday idea, including:

  1. You can have it at home, with a mix of home made and shop bought games
  2. You can have it at home, or at a hired venue, and rent casino equipment (check your phone book and the internet for rental companies)
  3. You can arrange a trip to the home of the casino, Las Vegas, and stay on or near the strip
  4. You can overlay different themes for this 40th birthday idea- you may wish to have a sophisticated James Bond type affair, or you may want to go for a wild Las Vegas type theme.
  5. Give your guests a set amount of chips each at the beginning of the night. Give a special prize to whoever has amassed the most chips by the end of your party
Whatever you decide is your ideal option, make sure that you set your budget, and stick to this.

Option 1 is great for any budget. For cheap and cheerful, go for a simple black jack table (for rules see the internet, or check a book out of a library), a home made craps table (again internet or library book for rules), maybe even a poker table.

You may wish to buy in some casino supplies such as table felt for the above games, or perhaps some casino chips to add real authenticity. Shop around for cheap deals, and special offers. There are specialist suppliers, but they can be expensive as they often supply professional quality items. If you are looking for something just for your party, then look for clearance sales, discount suppliers, perhaps even second hand goods.

If you are looking for rental equipment because you want slot machines, authentic tables and equipment, again check out a couple of potential suppliers and compare prices. Also look for reliability ratings and user reviews.

If you have set your heart on going to Las Vegas, but are on a limited budget, be flexible on your dates. Go midweek when prices are lower, check out special offers or be prepared to go before or after your birthday to grab the best deals.

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Casino Party Invitations
Deck of Cards
For homemade invitations for this 40th birthday idea, buy a deck of cards, and stick a thick piece of white paper over the suit side of each card. Write out your party details, stating whose party it is, the type of party it is, and giving the date, time, venue and RSVP details.

Casino Chip
Print a casino chip image and stick onto thin card. Cut out, and write the party invitation details on the reverse. Include whose party it is, name of party person, venue, date and time details. Don't forget to put your RSVP details, together with an RSVP date.

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Casino Party Food and Drinks
A selection of finger food is ideal casino party food. Guests can choose a plate of food, and carry on playing the casino games if they choose to. A range of mini sandwiches, anything on 'sticks', such as cocktail sausages, mini hotdogs, cheese and pineapple squares or shrimp and avocado bites, mini egg rolls, chips (the edible kind!) and chicken wings or small drumsticks are just right. Make it a little more sophisticated with lobster tails , crab and shrimp, or perhaps smoked salmon and caviar cocktail blinis. Serve tiny bitseize fruit tarts, fresh fruit sticks and maybe a chocolate fountain for the sweet treats.

For drinks, think about your theme. Perhaps Martini's if you are having a Bond type theme, or maybe crazy cocktails, or champagne for a Vegas night.

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