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This site means so much to me and my family. It's been so much fun going through the parties we have had together, thinking about the cakes that we have baked (and baking quite a few more!), decorations we have made and looking through photos we have taken.

These have formed the foundations for the site, and we will go on creating and building the site. Our dream is that this becomes one of the best party ideas resource on the web!

So how are we doing?
We would love to hear from you, and find out what you think about the site.

We'd also love to get your input.
Got a party idea you would love to share?

How about a cake that you like to feature on the site?

Or a crazy party game that was so much fun, you want to tell everyone?

Please send us your comments, ideas and thoughts, using the form below.

Thank you

Lori xx

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