Halloween Party Ideas

A Halloween Party Ideas Poem
Halloween is nearly here,
With witches, ghouls and frights,
It's time to find THE Costume-
To Trick or Treat at night.
Pumpkins, lanterns, spiders webs,
Yummy food, and scarey guests,
Invite your friends and family,
And host a party that's the best!

Halloween Party Themes

Why is Halloween so much fun? Because we get to dress up, eat yummy candy and have fabulous parties! So let your imagination run wild. We have some great party themes that will complement your costumes perfectly.

Adult Halloween Party Themes
Kids Halloween Party Themes
Welcome to The Haunted Mansion!
Skull and Crossbones Horror Night
The Halloween Ball
Trick or Treat Smell My Feet!
Ghostly Tales
Crazy High School Halloween Party

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Halloween Decorations

Cat On Fence Hallow Banner Each Spooky decorations create the perfect atmosphere to greet trick or treaters, and to have a hauntingly good party.

In need of creepy coffins, flying witches or animated tombstones? Then you'll love these haunting Halloween party ideas

Want a unique party? How about Personalized decorations and banners

Having a party for the little ones? Don't forget the candy!

Halloween Party Games

No party is complete without party games, and Halloween is no exception. Ideal spooky games ideas include Dress the Mummy, Eyeballs, and Count Rockula. Stay tuned for details of how to play.

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Top Ten Costumes

Halloween will be here before we know it. Our predictions for the hottest costumes for 2011 are:
1. Lady Gaga
2. Morphsuits
3.Strangeling Skulls and Stars
4. Darth Vadar
5. Skeleton Bride
6. Harry Potter
7. Iron Man
8. Michael Jackson
9. Angelina Ballerina
10. My Little Pony

Get your favourite costumebefore they sell out!

Did You Know?

The jack o'lantern was traditionally carved out of swede or turnip, had a scary face carved out of one side, and a candle placed in it to illuminate its features, and ward off evil spirits.

In America, this tradition of carving vegetables was tought to have been bought across by the English and Scottish migrants. Instead of turnips or swedes, the abundant pumpkin were used to carve the jack o'lanterns.

Ironically, the carving of pumpkins has recently become popular in the UK.

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