Haunted House Party

Haunted House Standee Each *cm*

Haunted Invitations

Get your guests in the mood by sending ghost shaped invitations, cut out of white poster card. Or perhaps tombstones, cut out of grey poster card and inscribed with your party details in your best calligraphy. Give as much notice as possible, and don't forget the all important RSVP, so that you know how many guests to expect.

Haunted Decorations

Lamppost W/cobwebs And Ghost Each You can go wild with this theme! How about some Ghostly path finders to light the way to your creepy soiree? Or a dazzlingly spooky chandelier?

Add your very own tombstone - even personalize one- to add real spookiness to your front, or back yard. If money is no object you could even create your very own cemetry...

If you want to bring the spookiness inside, how about a Crawling Monster hand? Add cobwebs and some low lighting and you will have the scariest house ever!

Haunted Costumes

Spiderweb Gauze Ghost Child Costume

Mummy Man Costumes , Zombies, Lady Nightshade, The Ghost Bride , Frankensteins, Cauldron Witches , Monsters, Ghastly Ghouls ...anything goes for a Haunted House party!

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Haunted Party Food

Have a cauldron filled with dry ice on your party table for a spectacularly spooky effect when you serve your food.

Buy sterile gloves from a pharmacy, fill them with water, tie the ends, then freeze. Remove the glove and add the hand shaped ice to Halloween punch. Creepy!

Haunted Party Games

A frightening Horror in The Haunted House Murder Mystery may be just what you need to get your party- and your guests- jumping! Traditional games like Wrap the Mummy, apple bobbing and Scary Charades are also ideal.

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Need More Spookiness?

To add to the atmosphere, turn down the lights and tell spooky stories around the fire.

Have jack o'lanterns placed outside of your house. The glow of the candles is perfect for creating extra eeriness!

Kids Costumes

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