Hire a Screen
For Your Own Private Movie Screening Party

Hire A Screen For this 40th birthday idea, contact the manager or events organiser at your local movie theatre and ask if you can book out a screen for a private party. Most will oblige, but the rates vary according to the time of year, the number of new movies currently showing, and the time of day you wish to hire.

This is a great 40th birthday idea- a whole movie theatre just for you and family and friends, watching the latest movie, or maybe one of your all time favorites. The food is easy, choose from the usual cinema offerings of hotdogs, nachos and popcorn for your guests, maybe throw in an ice cream and a soda. Some movie theatres will let you hire an additional room for food, and you can have a more substantial buffet- if this is what you would prefer, ask what's on offer.

To make it extra special ask about putting a special birthday message on screen. If they offer this it may be part of the hire package, however, there may be an extra charge. Clarify everything up front, make a careful note of all costs and make sure that it all falls within your set budget.

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