Plan Your Last Minute
Independence Day Party

Independence Day Party
Planning a last minute 4th July Party? Decide the day and time of your party, then find out who can come. Phone, text or email your guests- right now!

When you have an idea of numbers, decide how much money you are going to spend on the party. Last minute parties are sometimes the most difficult to budget for, as you can go all out to get the food, drinks and decorations in without really thinking about the cost too much.

Planning Quick List

  1. Decorations- red, white and blue bunting, balloons, plates, napkins and piñatas
  2. Food- Traditional BBQ: burgers, hotdogs, ribs, chicken, steak, corn. Salads: potato, coleslaw, green. Fillers like bread rolls, chips and dips
  3. Drinks- anything cold. For an extra special 4th of July twist, color water red and blue with food coloring, and freeze the colored water in ice cube trays, along with regular water, to make patriotic red, white and blue ice cubes
  4. Fireworks- go to an organised display, or buy a few of your own (check zoning regulations)
  5. Music- prepare your party playlist beforehand- it'll save you worrying about the music at your party
  6. Games- for kids, print out patriotic word scrambles and quizzes
  7. For adults, find out who knows their Declaration of Independence best of all- and give a prize to the winner

    Have fun, because sometimes impromptu parties are the best!

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