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The Key of the Door

21st Birthday Idea: Key of the Door
The phrase, "You get the key of the door" used to be very apt for a 21 year old- but kids seem to get the key much earlier nowadays! However, it's still a great theme for a 21st birthday party. This is one of many 21st birthday ideas that can be tailored to any venue- you can have a fabulous party at home, or you can hire a party venue if you are having a large number of guests.

As with all 21st birthday ideas, decide how much you can afford to spend, and plan your party within this budget.

Key of the Door Invitations

Ideas for Decorations

The all important Music

Easy Food Ideas

The Party Games

Key of the Door Invitations
Key in the box
This invitation idea for the "key of the door" party is extra special, but a bit expensive to make. They are great of you are having an intimate party with a few special friends, or if you have quite a big budget for your party
You will need a key for each invitation and a small box, lined with a silk or satin type material. You will also need squares of paper (large enough to take the details of your party, but small enough to be rolled up and placed in your box next to the key). Write out, using an elegant writing style, the details of your party on each square of paper, for example:
Dear (insert name) You are cordially invited to celebrate the 21st birthday of (insert party person's name) On (insert date and time) At (insert party address) RSVP by (insert date) (Insert contact details)

To add even more fun to these invitations, let your guests know that they should bring along their keys to the party as one will unlock a box containing a special gift.

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Key of the Door Decorations
The color scheme should be elegant for this party theme. Try cream table coverings, gold confetti (key shaped if you can get it) and an elegant centrepiece with cream candles are perfect for this party. Add cream and gold helium balloons (yes, I love them!!), anchored with gold coloured weights, or tied onto chair backs, elegant wine or champagne glasses, straight beer glasses or tall cocktail glasses and you have a wonderful look for your "key of the door" party.

If you prefer combine silver with white for a sophisticated look.

The color scheme is down to personal preference, so let your imagination run wild.

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Key of the Door Music
Dig out the music that the birthday person loves. Add some dance tunes that will get everyone dancing (if you have room to dance at the party), and some relaxing tunes to put on while you are eating, and at the end of the party, if you want to wind it down a little. If you are doing the music yourself, put together your playlist before the party. With an music player, a playlist for 1 three hour party mounts to about 60 songs, and so is fairly easy to put together.

If you are hiring a DJ, make sure you discuss the type of music you would like at the party- don't just assume that they will play what you like.

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Key of the Door Food
A finger food buffet is perfect for a key of the door party. Serve bread sticks with fresh dips, a selection of canapés, mini spicy chicken kebabs, mozzarella and tomato bites, mini pavlova bites, mini lemon tarts and a selection of cheese and fresh fruit. Drinks ideas include a fruit punch, a selection of white and red wines, cold beers and the usual soda offerings. For further party food ideas check out party food recipes.

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Key of the Door Games
Peek through the keyhole
This is a great 21st birthday idea game. It takes a bit of organising, but is a lot of fun. Before the party, you need to get photos of your guests homes (not all of them, just select a few that don't mind playing along). Take ten photographs of each home, and photograph unusual things- such as ornaments, vases, patterns on curtains or blinds- basically things that we may look at when we go into our friends' homes, but don't really take much notice of. Number the photos of each home 1 thru 10, and them mix them up making sure that you have one of each number per set (make sure you keep a note of which photo belongs to which home). Stick groups of ten mixed up photos onto boards, label the boards A, B, C etc and place around the room. Put your guests into teams, or let people play individually. Give them a sheet of paper, with the number of homes you photographed (for example for four homes you will have 40 photo's on the boards). Ask them to find the 10 photo's for each home that go together, and note these on their sheets, for example Home number 1: A1 (photo 1 from board A), A5, A7, B3, B5, B8, B9, C7, D2, D3; Home number 2: A3, A9, B1, B4, B6, C5, C9, D6, D9, D10 etc. Finally, they have to guess whose home each group of photo's belong to (you need to ask each home owner to keep quiet here!). This is a great game as it gets everyone talking and speculating, and is a great party mixer.

Which Key Fits?
Again, another great Key of the Door party game that can be used for any 21st party. Get a box with a lock and key- this will be your prize box. Collect some similar looking keys and mix them up with the key that unlocks the prize box. Put the keys together in a separate box. Put a special prize, or a very funny prize, in the prize box. Whoever gets the key that unlocks the prize box, wins the prize.

T get a chance to pick a key to try and unlock the prize box, a person must be the first to answer five questions correctly. Put together a quiz, with general knowledge questions (the internet is a good place to find great questions, or do it the easy way and buy a quiz book). Everyone is playing individually for this. Pick your quiz master (the person who will ask the questions), and prepare a long list of questions. Have people sitting in a reasonably orderly fashion, so that you can tell who is answering. You also need to keep a record of who ahs answered correctly, so that you know who to give the keys to.

To begin, ask a question. If someone thinks they know the answer, get them to shout, "Yes". The first person to shout, "Yes" for each question gets a chance to answer the question. If they are correct, they get a point. If they are incorrect, give your guests the chance to try again. If no one answers the question correctly after three guests have tried, move on to the next question. When someone has answered five questions correctly, ask them to come up to you and pick a key out of the key box and try to open the prize box. If they are successful, the game is over and they win the prize. If they are unsuccessful, their key is put to one side (do not put it back into the key box or you may be playing this game forever!) and the game continues. The questions continue until another person answers five questions correctly. They pick one of the remaining keys and attempt to open the prize box. The game continues until someone successfully opens the prize box and wins the prize.

Who is at the door?
So, you think that you know all your friends very well, do you? This is a really fun game, and can reveal fascinating facts about people you thought you knew very well. This takes a little preparation, as you need to ask people to volunteer for this game before the party. To make it more difficult to guess who the person is, record this before the party, and possibly even distort the voices to make it very difficult to guess from the sound of their voices. Record a doorbell sound before each person speaks. Then ask each person to talk about themselves, revealing little known fun facts about their life. Ask each person to keep it light hearted and fun, and to talk about things that not everyone would know.

Divide you guests into teams, or let your guests play individually, and give out paper and pens. Play the recordings to your guests, beginning with the doorbell ringing, followed by an unknown person telling the guests little known facts about themselves. Ask your guests to write down who they think each person is. The person, or team, with the most correct answers gets a prize.

This is particularly apt for a Key of the Door party, but is great for any adult party.

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