Fun filled Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Kids Birthday Parties

Choosing kids birthday party ideas can be so much fun. Deciding on your party themes and seeing the excitement of your kids as their party gets closer is just as enjoyable as having the party itself (well almost anyway!). But planning kids parties can also be stressful. I know- I've got three kids and lots of nieces and nephews. And I know how important it is to try and make your child's party unforgettable. To make it easier for your kids birthday party planning I have thought about my experiences over the years and summarised some of my favorite themes and tips.

There are so many kids birthday party ideas to choose from, that it can be difficult to know where to start when you begin to think about your kid's birthday party.

Tip Tops for Choosing Kids Birthday Ideas

Pirate Birthday Party

Princess Birthday Party

Train Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Carnival Birthday Party

My top tips for choosing great kids birthday party ideas for an unforgettable party:
1. How old is your child?
2. What do they enjoy doing best?
3. Who are their favourite characters on TV or in books?
4. How many guests would you like to invite?
5. How much room have you got for the party?

When you have got the answers to these questions you can begin to narrow in on themes. For example, you may have a 4 year old. He loves playing with trains. His favourite character is Thomas and you plan on inviting 15 children (girls and boys) to his party. You have a room where you will serve the food, and a secure back yard for playing part games. In case it rains, you also have the option of having games in your living room.

Great, so you have a few possible themes:
a. Trains
b. Thomas (the train character)
c. Vehicles (includes trains, cars, planes, space rockets…)

When you have decided upon your theme idea, you need to think about your party budget:
1. Do you want to buy ready made party theme packs, or do you want to make your own?
2. If you plan on buying ready made packs check out prices from a number of suppliers- you may find your theme on special offer in one of them
3. Make sure you add in the cost of delivery when you make your choice
4. Be sure they can deliver what you need in time for your party
5. If you are making your own, think about how you will theme your party (decorations, invitations, cake, food etc) and work out what materials you will need, the cost, and how much time it will take to make everything.

Once you have chosen an idea for your kids birthday party, the theme can be applied to the kids birthday invitations, the party decoration ideas, the party game ideas, the birthday party food, the birthday cake ideas, the party loot bags (if giving) and the thank you notes. You can even ask guests to dress up in the party theme if you wish. However, you may just decide to theme only part of the party- for example the party invitations and the birthday cake- it's up to you, it's your party!

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My favorite Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Pirate Birthday Party
This has been one of my most favorite party ideas for my kids. Most of our pirate parties have been held at home. One year two of my kids had a joint party (their birthdays are four years and two days apart) and so we hired a hall and had a huge pirate party- it was such fun, but it did take a good deal of planning and an age to decorate. But it was worth it. Check out my ideas to make your own pirate birthday party that will delight any true buccaneer.

Princess Birthday Party
My nieces are princess mad. Ask them and they will choose a Princess Birthday Party every time. They love to dress up and they can quite happily float around the room all day pretending to be fairy princesses. If you choose a Princess Birthday Party as one of your kids birthday party ideas the options for a princess party are vast- and whatever your space and budget are, you can throw a kids party that will please any little princess.

Train Birthday Party
When my kids were younger they loved trains, and each of them has had a Train Birthday Party. So that the photos were not all identical, I tried to think of different approaches to the train party theme, and I have put my ideas and experience here to help you make your train birthday party race along the track!

Dinosaur Birthday Party
This is a really fun kids birthday party idea. Find everything you need to make your Dinosaur Party a roaring success, right here.

Carnival Party
My family all love going to the Carnival, and this is a party that's ideal for kids of all ages. I hope you love these ideas and that your carnival party is lots of fun!

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