An Outdoor Movie Party
To Dazzle Your Family and Friends

Bring Hollywood to your own backyard with this great idea for a summer party.

An outdoor Movie Party is an excellent party for a warm summer evening.

It's a synch to set up.

Set up a projector in your backyard, put a large white sheet up for your screen and choose a selection of your favorite films.

Get a few friends around, (include your neighbours if the noise levels may be a problem), pizza, soda, popcorn, and there you have it.

Theme your party:

  • For a James Bond Film Fest, ask your guests to come in elegant attire. Serve elegant canapes and champagne, and of course Martini's-shaken not stirred!

  • For a Horror Film Fest, invite your guests to come as their favorite horror fiend. Serve up chips, dips, pizza and perhaps a Bloody Mary or two

  • How about a Harry Potter Film Fest- great for little wizards every where! Dish up your best Hogwarts feast, but don't forget the popcorn

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