My Story as a Work From Home Mom

Independence Special

So what is my story and why did I become a work from home mom? Find Party Ideas is a website by developed by Lori MacInnes. That's me - hi! I started this website back in 2008. I was at home with my kids, and needed some form of extra income. I had worked in marketing for many years and decided to draw on this experience. I also loved surfing the net, and thought that combining these two would give me the potential extra income I needed. I registered a domain name, and built a website that was pretty poor. It had terrible graphics (I had a small number of templates to chose from, so it was pretty limiting, and I had few web skills at that time). The content was good but I was frustrated by very low views and little chance of making any income from it at all. I was about to give up, put my kids in daycare and get a 'proper job', when I discovered Site Build It! (SBI!)

It was a breath of fresh air. It opened my eyes to the real possibility of making the extra money I needed whilst being at home with my children. I decided to build a website that was fun, and related to my family life -with three kids, there was always a party to plan, or a party to go to, so I had a lot of experience to draw on there! So I became an SBIer. And I'm so glad I did. The other web building tools cost me a lot of time and money. And none were successful. My problem had been in laying the foundation for a good site, and understanding the techniques needed to build the site into a proper business. That's were SBI! really helped.

SBI! is like a family. Not only does it take you by the hand and guide you through a unique 10 day video guide, but there is also a fantastic forum where the Site Build It! community gives you support and answers any queries you may have as you build your site - we SBIers call it "paying it forward".

I know that my story is not unique. There are thousands of men and women who want to spend more time with their family, and have the freedom of choice to work how they want, when they want. But there are ways to achieve this, and I cannot emphasize how truly amazing Site Build It! actually is. But don't just take my word for it. Check out the story of these successful Work from Home Moms and hear what four of them have to say about it for themselves.

It really is worth considering. I love the freedom my online business gives me, and will continue to build on it. It's important for both me and my family.

Do you need freedom for you and your family? Get SBI now - and at a huge discount.

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