Party Food Planning making party planning a piece of cake!

For me party food planning is one of the most enjoyable parts of planning a party. It can be as simple as a selection of snacks and dip, or as elaborate as a sumptuous banquet fit for royalty! You decide on your theme, your budget and the type of food that you and your guests will enjoy the best.

There are so many ready made party foods that you don't have to go near a pan if you don't want to! On the other hand, you may love to cook and to prepare yummy party foods that delight your party guests. When I'm thinking about party food ideas, I tend to mix and match- buying some ready made foods, as well as making a fair proportion. How much I buy and make will depend upon the type of party I am having, how much money I have to spend, and the number and age range of guests that I have invited.

Different parties call for different types of food. So when you plan, think about who your guests are- kids don't always like what we adults like, which is why I have put together a separtate section just for kids party food , you may want to avoid very rich food for a party aimed mainly at seniors, or have a good range of healthy, low fat foods for a party where a large number of guests are watching their weight.

Consider your guests likes and dislikes, and special diets. I have family members who are coeliac and so I need to make the majority of my party food gluten-free so that they have the same choice as everyone else. This is no hardship as long as you know about it, and can plan for it. If you find that you just cannot cater for a particular guest, ask them if they would mind bringing some of their own special foods along to the party- in my experience, most people are delighted to do this, and they are pleased that you have thought enough about them to consider their needs.

The key questions I ask myself when party food planning are:
1. How much money do I have to spend?
2. How many people are coming to the party?
3. What are the ages of my guests? (approximate if necessary)
4. Do any of my guests have special dietary needs?
5. Where will I prepare the food?
6. How will I keep the food chilled or heated(as appropriate)?
6. How do I plan to serve the food?

If you answer these questions, you should have a feel for the best type of food for your party. Then the fun really starts!

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