Easy party foods planning, great party recipes and menu ideas for all special occasions

Party Foods

Party Foods
Food and drink are really important, not just for the nutrition that we obviously need, but as part of our culture, our being. I am fascinated by the ritual of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. It is steeped in tradition, and seems to be so intricate, but so serene. For me, parties can build your own family ritual and tradition. My kids will no doubt grow up feeling that a surprise birthday cake, homemade coleslaw and baked ham on the bone are part of our family tradition- as I always seem to make them for family birthday parties. On the other hand, my sister regularly cooks a delicious stuffed and roasted chicken, and a baked sea bass with fennel as part of her family party menu. Just thinking about these foods takes me right back to our past birthday parties, and it's a lovely feeling.

Not everyone wants to create a family tradition, but we all like our efforts to be appreciated when we invite guests to our parties. Good food, well presented, can be such an important part of these efforts.

The food can also account for a large proportion of the party budget, so I understand that it's really important to get the food element of the party just right.

Setting and keeping to a budget, scaling up recipes, looking for the best offers all takes time and effort. To help, I have put together food planning tips, and recipe ideas for a wide range of parties. I hope that you find something that's just right for your special occasion.

Food Planning for Parties
Not sure what type of food to have at your party? How much should you plan per guest? Planning your food can be a chore, especially if you have a tight budget, or if you have to cater for special diets. Check out my top tips to help you plan your perfect special occasion.

Kids Party Food Planning
Planning the food for a kids party? Do you want to theme it? How much should it cost? What if the kids are picky eaters? To make your kids party planning a little bit easier here are some top tips to help.

Party Recipes
Do you remember the best food you had at a party? Was it finger food, or a homemade lasagne? Maybe you had delicious crostini or maybe some great BBQ. Whatever you love best, savory or sweet, hot or cold- find delicious recipes right here.

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