Ahoy there! A Pirate Birthday Party will please all your buccaneers (and your landlubbers too!)

Pirate Birthday Party themed party supplies are available from a wide range of stores and web-shops. You can use themed invitations, plates, cups, napkins and extend your theme to tablecovers, decorations and costumes.

However, if you want to have a little more fun and make your own, here are some great ideas to make swash buckling, pirate birthday party necessities.
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Pirate Birthday Party Invitations
Pirate Treasure Maps, with X marking the party address:
Pirate treasure maps For authentic looking invitations for your pirate birthday party, use brown paper- if you want to be really eco-friendly re-use bags from your food shopping. Draw an outline of an island, and add images of mountains, lakes, treasure chests, palm trees- even the Jolly Roger flag! Brush up on your pirate lingo, and clearly state whose party it is, who you are inviting, the date and time of the party and where it's being held. Give your RSVP details and a deadline to reply by. Scrunch them up a little to give them an 'ancient' feel, and roll up and tie with coloured string for a really authentic map.

Pirate Hat
Cut out a pirate hat shape from black paper. Use white chalk to carefully write out the details of the party: who, what, when and where. Don't forget your RSVP details. Spray with artist fixative to make sure the chalk doesn't rub off (make sure you spray this in a well ventilated room- I always go onto the back porch and spray it outdoors, away from my kids and my dog, for extra safety.). Alternatively, cut out the shape of the skull and cross bones in white paper and use this area to write out your party details. Stick this onto the pirate hat.A perfect invitation for any pirate birthday party.

Eye Patch
Cut out two identical pieces of card in the shape of an eye patch. On one, write out the details of the party. Use glue or sticky tape to stick the top edge of the second piece of card over the piece with the invitation details on. Write out the name of the child you're inviting on the front of the eye patch.

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Pirate Party Decorations and Pirate Craft
I love helium balloons to decorate kids parties of any theme. For a pirate birthday party, I would chose black and white balloons, and anchor them with brown or black weights. Stick a couple of gold stickers on the boxes and you have mini treasure chests. I untie the helium balloons at the end of the party and give one to each child to take home with them.

Balloon Swords
Balloon swords are an essential accessory for any pirate birthday party. They are easy to make as well. Blow up a modelling balloon and leave about 2 inches (6cm), at the end, un-inflated. Tie a knot in the balloon. Next, fold the balloon, leaving one side about 2 inches taller than the other. With the shorter half, fold this into three (it's shaped like a 'w'). The place your hand in the middle of this 'w' and twist round two or three times. This seals the balloon's handle shape. You now have a fully fledged balloon sword

Parrot Pinata
What pirate birthday party would be complete without a pirate with parrot? I have had a parrot piñata at one pirate party (it was a summer party, so I could hang the piñata in the garden) and the kids all loved it. You can buy parrot piñatas, or if you are feeling really creative, make your own.

To make a simple parrot piñata you will need: a. A large balloon (inflated and tied off)
b. Lots of newspaper torn into strips
c. Paste, made up of flour and water. This is pretty easy to make, just mix a cup of flour for every cup of water and stir to get our as many lumps as possible. If you find the paste is too thin, add more flour. If too thick, add a little more water
d. Brightly colored tissue paper
e. Brightly colored card
f. Colored marker pens
g. Two pieces of strong string, knotted at one end

To make the parrot piñata body, dip strips of the newspaper into the paste, remove any excess paste and stick the strips onto the balloon. Smooth the strips down to remove any air bubbles. Overlap the strips until they fully cover the balloon. Repeat this until you have three layers covering the balloon. It now needs to be left to dry. Put the covered balloon away from heat and on a surface that won't be marked by the paste. (I was once in a hurry to dry out a paper mache mask we were making for Halloween and put it in the oven (!) Needless to say the balloon expanded, burst through the newspaper and the mask was ruined).

After a few days, when the paper mache is absolutely dry, you can complete your parrot.

Paint the body surface with a brightly coloured post paint. Next, tear some of your tissue paper into strips. Using paper glue, dab a little onto one section of the parrots body and stick the strips of tissue paper, overlapping to create a feather effect. Continue until the body is covered. Then repeat.

Cut out two wings from the card. Cover the 'wings' with tissue paper strips using the same technique as for the body. Stick the two wings in place using paper glue.

For the head, cut out two matching shapes, and use marker pens to draw the eyes, beak and a feather pattern on the neck. Stick this onto the body.

Cut out a flap, large enough to allow the body to be filled with candy between the two wings. Remove the balloon and dispose of it.

Take your two pieces of string (knotted at one end only). Make two holes behind the wings (so you don't see them) and thread the string through.

Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.

Fill with candy and hang. You're ready to go!

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Pirate Birthday Party Games
Pirate Treasure Hunt Get a shoe box, and cover the body and lid with brown paper. Add two yellow paper stripes on the sides and on the box lid to create a treasure chest. Next fill it with candies and small dollar toys. Then hide it. Now the hard part! Come up with clues that will lead the kids toward the treasure. Match he difficulty to the age of your party guests.
A variation on this is to map a treasure map, instead of written clues. Mark out a path on the map (number of steps, visual clues etc), and print or copy enough maps for either one per child, or one per team.
The first person, or team, to find the treasure chest gets first pick of the goodies, then the chest is shared amongst the rest of the party kids.

X Marks The Spot

  • Take a large sized piece of paper and draw a treasure map onto it
  • Draw a large treaure chest on the map
  • Each party guest is blindfolded, in turn, and spun around, before marking an X on the map, where they think the treaure chest is
  • Put the name of each guest by their X
  • Whoever marks their X closest to the treasure chest is the winner

    Buried Treasure

  • Bury jewels (wrapped candies, fake jewelry, small plastic toys) in a sandpit
  • Split the kids into teams, and give each team a bucket, which is placed about 10 paces away from the sandpit
  • One member from each team must race to the sandpit, find one piece of treasure, then race back and put it in their own teams bucket
  • The next team member then repeats this
  • The first team to drop two pieces of treasure each into their bucket wins
  • The treasure can then be shared amongst the party guests

    Pirate Treasure Toss
    Make a Treasure Chest by covering a large box with brown paper, and then adding two strips of yellow paper. Place the box in an open space, then put a marker line about 10 paces away from the box (adjust this according to the age of your party guests). Each party guest takes turns in throwing bean bags into the treasure chest. Give prizes for the best efforts.

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    Pirate Birthday Party Food
    There are loads of great theme foods for a pirate party. Check out these ideas.

    Pirate Ships Cut weiners in half. Use ready sliced cheese, and cut in half to give two triangles. Using a toothpick, form a sail with the cheese, then stick the toothpick into the weiner. Easy and yummy
    Watch little ones with the toothpicks!
    Variation: For a totally edible pirate ship, substitute the toothpick for a thin carrot stick- it must be very thin or the cheese will split.

    Walk the Planks
    Make yummy ship planks using fingers of rye bread, filled with cream cheese, and tuna mayo

    Skull and Cross Bones Pizza
    Color tomato paste black, using a little black icing coloring. Spread this onto your pizza base ( a rectangular base is the best for this). Cut out a skull and cross bones shape from mozzerella or Monterey Jack cheese slices. Place the cheese on top of the tomato paste and bake in the oven until cooked. Allow to cool slightly before serving

    Find more great party food ideas check out Kids Party Food

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    Pirate Party Cakes
    What Pirate Birthday Party would be complete with a cake?

    Pirate Birthday Party CakePirate Birthday Party Cakes

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