Swashbuckling Pirate Cake Ideas
to make at home

No Pirate Party would be complete without a Pirate Cake. From easy to make Treasure Maps, and Treasure Chests, to Sunken Galleons and Black Jake Hats, there are lots of wonderful ideas for the perfect pirate birthday cake.

Find step by step instructions for a mysterious Treasure Map cake, and ideas for pirate ships and treasure chests. I will be adding to these ideas regularly, so do come back often to check out the new cake designs.

Treasure Map Cake
What Pirate Party could be complete without a Treasure Map? This Treasure Map pirate cake is so easy to make, and to decorate.

Treasure Map Pirate Cake

To make an 8 inch Treasure Map cake, you need:

  1. Bake the cake according to the recipe
  2. Allow to cool
  3. Brush off loose crumbs, then place carefully onto the cake board
  4. Coat the top and sides of the cake in a thin layer of buttercream
  5. Color the white fondant with a little of the brown food coloring
  6. Roll out the fondant, making a square that is a little bigger than the square cake. Lift the fondant carefully and place on top of the cake
  7. Trim off the edges, and tuck the ends of the icing underneath the cake to create a neat finish

    Lay fondant on top of cake and tuck edges underneath

    Now for the decoration

  8. Color a small amount of thick buttercream with blue icing coloring
  9. Put a small circle tip onto an icing bag, and spoon three or four tablespoons of the blue buttercream into the icing bag
  10. Draw an outline of your treasure map onto the fondant base

    Pipe the outline of the treasure map onto the cake

  11. Using a star tip, and more of the blue colored buttercream, pipe the ocean around this outline, then smooth it over to create a wave effect

    Create a textured ocean on the treasure map

  12. Color thick buttercream brown, and add a treasure chest and a compass using a small circle tip
  13. Use yellow colored buttercream and a small star tip to pipe coins for your treasure cheat. Add additional treasure, for example using edible silver sugar balls
  14. Again with a small circle tip, pipe a red dotted pathway around the island
  15. Use a star tip and green colored buttercream to create forests on your treasure map cake

    Use a star tip to create forests on your Treasure Map cake

  16. Add your birthday greeting at the end of the pathway, using a small circle tip and an icing color of your choice
  17. To finish the cake, add a little edible gold lustre powder using either a clean, dry, fine-tipped paintbrush, or your finger tip
  18. Enjoy your delicious Treasure Map Pirate Cake

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    Pirate Ship Birthday Cake
    Ahoy there! We'll have no landlubbers on this beauty of a pirate ship.

    Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

    This cake was a real labor of love! The design is from one of my favorite cake decorating books, Enchanted Cakes for Children (Merehurst Cake Decorating) and takes quite a while to make, but my son just loved it.

    I used a firm cake recipe, baked in a deep, 10 inch square, baking pan for this pirate ship cake. The cake was sliced into layers, and then these layers were trimmed to make the ships hull.

    I used ready made fondant icing, colored brown, black and yellow, as well as modelling paste to make the anchors, barrels and undersea trimmings for the design.

    It was a real hit at his pirate party, but you do need to set aside a few hours to make it.

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