Pool Parties That Will Make A Spash!

Summer Pool Parties are fabulous. They can be as laid back as you want, or wild and crazy. It's up to you.

Who are you inviting?

  • If it's teens or young adults you want lots of music and some cool games.
  • For kids, keep it simple with games, hotdogs and soda pop.
  • For mainly adults, add a little sophistication with music and flaming torches late into the night.

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    Swimmingly Good Party Invitations

    Great Pool Game Ideas

    Easy Food for Around the Pool

    Make a Splash with a Themed Party Cake

    Swimmingly Good Pool Party Invitations
    Buy some mini beachballs, inflate them and write out your party details in indelible marker pen. Include the reason for party, date, time, venue and RSVP information. Let the marker pen dry, then deflate the balls and give them to your guests. They have to re-inflate the balls to find out the party information. This is also a great invitation idea for a Beach Party.

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    Great Pool Party Game Ideas
    Water Goal
    You play this by splitting the players into two teams. You need a lightweight ball, and two goal areas- one at each end of the pool. The aim of the game is to score as may goals as possible, in the time allowed. 10 minutes each way is usually about right, but you can alter this according to how much time you have, and how much fun you are having. Make sure that everyone is clear about which team is trying to score in which goal. Start with the ball in the middle of the pool. Throw the ball up into the air, and have one player from each team as center, who try and hit the ball into their own section of the pool. Then each player tries to hit, or throw, the ball to their own team, and hopefully score a goal. Once a goal is scored, the ball goes back to the center, and the game restarts from here. After 10 minutes, switch goals. This makes it fair if the sun is strong in one direction, or if there's a wind blowing that favors one of the teams. Which ever team has most goals at the end of the time wins. Make it harder by only allowing the players to touch the ball with one hand (a bit like water polo)

    Someone is the shark- and they lay in wait in the pool. Everyone else gets into the pool and has to keep away from the shark. The sides of the pool are safe zones- and the shark can't get you here. But once you let go and try and swim across you are potentially shark bait. The winner is the last person to be caught by the shark.

    The Limbo
    Get a long pole (the pole handle from the pool net is good!) and have two people hold the ends. Play some fun party music, and have the party guests line up behind the pole. Each person dances toward the pole, then shimmies under the pole without touching it. The pole gets lowered after everyone has had a turn, and continues to be lowered until no one can manage to get under it. Make sure you have your cameras ready!

    Beach Ball Q&A
    Inflate a beach ball, and write out a funny question on each panel, with an indelible ink marker pen. The guests get into the pool and toss the ball around. Whoever catches it must answer the question facing them. The answers must be given quickly, and the ball is then tossed around again. If the person answering is deemed too slow, they face a splashing from the other guests.

    Grab It!
    Throw a load of floating and sinkable objects into the pool. Divide your party guests into two teams. One person from each team goes into the pool, grabs one of the objects then climbs back out of the pool and tags the next team member. The next team member gets into the pool and grabs an object, then tags another player. Play continues until each player has returned with an item. Another way to play this game is for all the party guests to jump into the pool and grab as many objects as possible - either in a set time, or until all the objects have been retrieved. The winning individual, or team, is the one that has retrieved the most objects.

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    Easy Food for Around the Pool
    Food at a pool party is best kept light and easy to eat, especially if lots of your guests intend to swim.

    1. Get the BBQ fired up, and cook steaks, chicken, corn and burgers. Try vegetarian options including Haloumi cheese and charred bell peppers stuffed with mushrooms and rice
    2. A range of salads is essential for any summer pool party. Make up green salad and serve with a range of dressings. Try cool mango, orange and fennel salad, drizzled with a little dressing made from equal measures of fresh orange juice and olive oil. How about a chilled rice salad, and a filling pasta salad with cheese and tuna
    3. Burgers and hotdogs are always a favorite, especially with the kids
    4. For dessert, keep it light with chilled Fruit Skewers
    5. For drinks, serve Mocktails, sodas, fruit juices and plenty of iced water

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    Make a Splash with a Themed Party Cake
    How about a Pool Party Cake? This is easy to make, and delicious to eat.

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