Princess Birthday Party Ideas for your special Princess

Princess Birthday Party

A Princess Birthday Party is a dream party for a lot of little girls. If you are inviting boys, incorporate princes or knights into your theme, to keep them happy.

There are lots of variations on the princess party theme, and I know that it can be hard to know where to start. Follow my top tips and set your budget, think about how many kids you wish to invite, and the type of party your child would really like.

Top Three Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Princess Party Invitations

Princess Decorations and Princess Craft

Princess Party Games

Princess Party Food

My Top Three Prncess Birthday Party Ideas are:
1. This is a simple way to theme a princess birthday party. Ask your guests to come to the party dressed in a princess (or prince) costume. Decorate the party area with pink helium balloons and have pink and white regular balloons scattered over the floor. Drape pink banqueting roll, or a pink sheet (find bargains at local white sales!), over the party table, and use pink and white plates and platters for the party food. Play princess birthday party themed games, then break for princess party food.

2. Have a craft based princess birthday party. Invite guests to come along in costume, if they wish, and theme the party around princess party crafts. Throughout the party the guests will make a crown, a princess bag and a princess bracelet. They will parade their designs at the end of the party and you can either award a prize for the best efforts, or give a small prize to everyone for working so hard. They also get to take their crowns, bags and bracelets home, which the kids will love.

3. If you really have a big budget, do what one of my friends did- hire a limo to pick up your party princesses and deliver them to your princess birthday party 'castle'. It was quite wonderful to see eight little girls, all dressed beautifully in their favourite princess costume, waving to us from the limo windows as they drew up for the party. They were so excited. It set the tone for an extra special party, where the birthday princess had her own throne (a dining chair draped in purple and gold cloth), and the guests played princess party games in the yard which was decorated with purple and pink helium balloons, a play house draped with tulle cloth to resemble a royal tent from King Arthur's time, and a party food table draped again with tulle and scattered with purple and gold confetti.

These are just three ideas and I know from experience that there are almost limitless variations to the princess party birthday theme. So work out your budget, your number of guests, party place, time and date. Whatever you decide, whether it's a simple princess birthday party themed through the invitations and cake, or something even more dramatic, I hope you have the best princess birthday party ever!

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Princess Party Invitations
A Royal Scroll
Using squares of beige colored paper (to make it look royal), use fancy writing to give details of your party, for example:

By Royal Decree, Her Royalness, Princess (insert name of party princess) wishes the company of Princess(insert name of guest), to celebrate her forthcoming (insert age) birthday.

The celebrations will take place at the Royal Palace, (insert address) And will commence at (insert time)

Please wear your best Princess attire

RSVP by (insert date) to (insert name and contact information)

Roll each invitation up and tie with a red, purple, pink or gold ribbon.

Using two pieces of colored card, this invitation will make a great impression on your party guests. To make, place the two pieces of card together and draw a crown shape on the top piece. Using scissors, carefully cut around this shape. On the bottom piece of card, write out your party invitation (you can use the above wording for this invitation too). Put a piece of double sided tape, or a thin line of glue, on the top edge of the card with the invitation words. Carefully stick the top edge of the other piece of card to this. Secure with an extra piece of sticky tape. On the top piece, decorate using craft materials such as glitter, colored foils and feathers, to produce an elegant crown.

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Princess Decorations and Princess Craft
Drape fabric around the party room to create a feeling of luxury. Drape fabric around a dining chair and tie with silk flowers to create a 'Princess throne' for the birthday girl.

Table covering
Gold, white or pink colored cloth, sprinkled with gold or silver confetti creates a magical table covering.

Princess Costume ideas No princess is complete without a crown. You can buy fabulous crowns that look better than the real crown jewels!

If you want to make your own, make the crown for the birthday princess a little bit more special than her guests- it is her special day after all.

You can even make this into a party game- giving a prize for the best crown made.

Click on the crown below for a free printable crown template. Use this to make your own Princess Party Crowns. Simply size up the template, cut out the shape using thin card, and decorate with plastic jewels, feathers and glitter.

Princess Crown

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Princess Birthday Party Games
Musical slipper
This is a variation on traditional pass the parcel and is perfect for a princess birthday party. Wrap two parcels with equal layers of paper- one containing an old shoe and the other containing one from a pair of lovely new dress-up shoes. As for normal pass the parcel, the party guests sit in a circle, and music is played. Both parcels are passed around the circle (one in a clockwise direction, the other in an anti-clockwise direction) while the music is playing. The two party guests who have hold of each of the parcels when the music stops can take off a layer of paper. The winner is the person who gets the nice party shoe (they get the matching shoe to form their prize). Whoever wins the old shoe has to wear the old shoe for the next half hour as a forfeit.

Dress for Success
This is a dressing up game and is great for a princess birthday party with ten or more guests. You need a lot of dressing up clothes for this one- one bag of dressing up clothes per team of people, so scour the stores (charity shops are a good source) for bargains, and borrow from friends and family. The dressing up clothes don't have to match, in fact, the more varied they are the funnier the game is.

To play, decide how many teams will play this game. Collect dressing up clothes so that you have a set of clothes consisting of a pair of shoes, a hat, trousers or a skirt, a blouse or top, and a jacket per team. Place each set of clothes in a large bag, except for the hat, making sure that each bag contains the same number of dress up items.

Divide the kids into teams. Each team chooses one child to be their 'dress-up doll'. The 'doll' stands next to the bag of clothes. The rest of the team lines up in front of the 'doll' in a straight line. Give the first child in line for each team the hat from their bag of clothes. When you say go, the first child passes the hat over their head to the child behind, this child passes the hat under their legs to the child behind, this child passes the hat over their head, and the pattern is repeated until the child at the back of the line has the hat. This child then puts the hat on their head, runs to the 'doll', takes out one of the dress up clothes (doesn't matter which one) and puts it on the 'doll'. This child then runs back to the front of the line, and starts the game again, passing the hat over their head to the child behind. When a child runs up to the 'doll' and finds the bag of dress up clothes empty, they place the hat onto the 'dolls' head, run back to the front of their team line and the whole team sits down. The winning team is the first team to fully dress their doll, put the hat on the dolls head and have everyone back in line and sitting down.

Pin the Jewel on the Crown This is a variation on the old favourite, 'Pin the tail on the donkey'.

Draw a picture of a beautiful crown on a large sheet of paper (or cut one out from a magazine). The crown is missing the prize jewel.

Cut out the jewels from brightly colored sticky paper (don't take the backing paper off yet!)

Stick the crown onto a wall, or fence. Blindfold each child in turn, and turn them around a couple of times. Give them a jewel, with their name, or initials, written on it and the backing removed. Carefully move them toward the crown picture. Let them stick their jewel where they think it should be on the crown. The child who is closest to the right spot wins a prize.

Scramble for Treasure
This game is a lot of fun, and will have even the most demure princesses scrambling for prizes!

Inflate a small wading pool, and fill with plastic balls. Wrap small prizes such as plastic bracelets, mini lipsticks, lollipops, gold covered chocolate coins and candies, and hide them amongst the balls in the pool. The party guests have to find the prizes in amongst the balls.

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Princess Birthday Party Food
No princess birthday party is complete without food fit for a princess. Dainty sandwiches, pizza stars (star shapes cut out of pizzas using a pastry cutter), bowls of jelly bean 'jewels', caramel apples topped with multi-colored sprinkles, and pink lemonade are my favourite foods for a princess birthday party. Serve on silver platters, pink paper plates and use plastic wine glasses to make your party guests feel extra special.

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