Rave Parties
For When You've Gotta Dance

Rave Parties are perfect for any 21 year old who loves nothing better than going to a nightclub and dancing the night away. There are many options for this type of party, including:

  1. Holding your dance party at home if you have the room
  2. Hiring a party venue and holding your rave party there
  3. Arranging for a group of friends to go a nightclub, and have an impromptu party amongst fellow revellers
If you choose option 3, you basically need to decide which nightclub you wish to go to. If it requires tickets, you could buy these in advance. If you wish to turn up in style, how about hiring a limo, or perhaps go for a meal before you go dancing?

Rave Party Invitations

Rave Music

Get the Lighting Right

Decoration Ideas

Easy Party Food

Rave Party Invitations
Vintage Record Invitations
If you have time to plan, get a bunch of old records from garage sales. Use sticky backed paper, and draw circles the size of the middle of the records. Carefully cut the circles out and sic over the records original label. Make the hole in the middle with a pencil. Using a fine tipped marker pen, write out the details of your party: date, time, venue, name of party person, RSVP contact details.

Keepsake Disc Invitations
Buy blank, re-writable discs and the printable circular labels.

Design your invitation, and use your computer to print out your invitations. You can get CD/DVD label design software to make it a synch. If preferred, write your invitation details onto the labels by hand. On the invitation, aswell as the ususal party persons name, party theme, date, time, venue and RSVP details, ask everyone to bring their disc invitation to the party with them. When your guests arrive, collect the discs in, then download the photographs or movies you take at the party and give them back to your guests a few days later as a wonderful keepsake party favour.

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Rave Party Music
For any rave party, the music is all important. You can either arrange this yourself, using your own or hired equipment, or you may wish to hire a professional DJ to play for you. In my opinion, and if you have the budget, hiring a DJ is a great option as it leaves you to mingle with your guests and take care of other things, like food, drinks and games.

If you decide to hire a DJ for this, or any other 21st birthday idea, think carefully about the type of party you would like. Do you want a party with lots of dancing, but interspersed with fun (and usually very silly) games? Or do you prefer your favourite type of music, with a break only for the food? Do you want to have formal speeches and a presentation of gifts? These choices are very important, so decide what type of party you would like, and discuss these options with your chosen DJ. If they are good, they will have ideas that you may not have even thought of, and that could make your party even more special. Be sure to specify any special music tracks you would like playing, and when you would like these to be played. Also, let the DJ know if there is anything you do not wish to be played- it's your party so it's your choice.

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Rave Party Lighting
No rave party would be complete without good lighting. If you are hiring a DJ, they should provide their own lights. But check. Also, if you are hiring a party venue, check whether disco type lighting is included in your package. If you need to hire more lights, mirror balls, or even smoke machines, try and do this in advance as there is often a premium added to last minute hiring of lighting and effects equipment (and this applies to the hiring of equipment for all 21st birthday ideas). Also check that the company has a good reputation for reliability and whether the costs include insurance- parties can be wild and you don't want to be left with uninsured broken equipment.

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Rave Party Decorations
For some 21st birthday ideas you can really go overboard with party decorations, but for a rave party I think they can be kept to a minimum. The lights and music really make this type of party. However, you may wish to add some decorations around the food area. Perhaps some helium balloons (I know, I always have them somewhere!), party poppers, streamers, anything brightly colored and fun. Disposable plates, cutlery, plastic glasses and paper napkins are what's required here, and have plenty of garbage bags ready to dispose of used items.

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Rave Party Food
Buffet style is good for lots of 21st birthday ideas, but I think it's particularly appropriate for this type of party. It's easy to eat and it can be as informal as you need it to be. I would have a specific time to serve the food, turn up the lights, turn down the music and have people chill out a little.

It's important that food is stored and served at the correct temperature. If you want to have hot food, either bring it in just before serving, or make sure that you have somewhere to keep it warm at your party venue. For cold food, make sure that it is kept chilled until serving- you don't want any cases of food poisoning. If you are using caterers, then make sure they have thought through how they will store and serve the food (please don't assume anything- you may be paying for the service, but it's your party that will be ruined if it all goes wrong). I would serve a range of cold beers, chilled wines, soft drinks and plenty of iced water.

Toward the end of food service is a great time to give the birthday person some of their gifts, perhaps have a few speeches and birthday toasts, and bring out the cake for the traditional rendition of "Happy Birthday to you". Then it's back down with the lights, back up with the music and back to the rave!

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