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Summer can be so hot, that it's an effort to get a glass of iced water, never mind put together a full blown party. But it doesn't have to be hard to create a summer party that you and your guests will love. Whether you are looking for a birthday party idea, a get together for friends, or even a reason to celebrate the Olympics, check the top tips, and party ideas right here.

Summer Party Ideas

Top Tips for Surviving Summer Party Planning

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Top Tips for Surviving Summer Party Planning
Summer weather can make or break a party. If you have planned an outdoor party, and the sunny skies suddenly turn to rain, what can you do?

  1. Have a contingency. A gazebo, summer house, or small marquee can provide the outdoor feel, but give you protection from the rain. You can either buy these (if you think you will use it again),hire them, or borrow. First, ask family and friends if they have something you can borrow. Most people will be happy to help. If you have to buy or hire, check out prices from the internet, local suppliers and hire companies.

  2. Bring the party indoors. Plan out a party space in your home, incase of bad weather. If it is too wet to BBQ, plan to use your oven and broiler (grill) to cook your food and re work your cooking schedule accordingly.

What if the weather is too hot?
  1. You can still have your party outdoors as long as you have plenty of shade. Again a gazebo could be good here, together with garden umbrellas. White sheets, loosely hung across your yard area can reflect the sun and provide good, cheap shade where needed.

  2. Provide lots of cool drinks- water and juices are best for hydration. Be careful with alcoholic and caffinated drinks as these can be dehydrating.

  3. Keep food cool, and only put it out when it is going to be eaten immediately. This reduces the risk of food spoiling and poisoning.

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