Kids love Trains.
Give them a Train Birthday Party they'll never forget!

Train Birthday Party
I do love train birthday parties! They are great for tiny tots, or older kids, and are really easy to theme.

My Top Three Train Birthday Party Ideas are:

  1. For toddlers, simply build a wooden train track and put the wooden trains out for them to play with. Decorate the room with red and blue helium balloons anchored with wooden trains, and have a selection of simple party food for the little ones to eat. Play train themed games (see below) and let each child take home a helium balloon with the wooden train anchor as their party gift.

  2. For an outdoor train party, make 'train tracks' using thick card, with track lines drawn with thick marker pen. Place these around the party area (but be careful that they don't become tripping hazards). Set up 'stations' with party games, and food using tables draped with banqueting roll. Make a station nameplate for each station using card, and pin, or stick, these to each station. Use red and blue helium balloons, and bunting to create a real party atmosphere. As each guest arrives give them a bunch of tickets with the names of each station on them, and let them exchange their tickets for playing the games, and for the party food.

  3. Host a craft based train birthday party. As party guests arrive, hand each of them a bag containing building bricks. Ask each child to build their own little train engine. This keeps them entertained as all the guests arrive and stops them getting too over excited as they greet each other. When they have finished, display the models on a 'track' made from card. Give them all a plain white cap, and let them decorate their own 'engine drivers hat'. Give them plain cupcakes, and let them decorate their own train cake. Toward the end of the party have each child parade around the party room with their crafts, and give each child a small prize for their efforts. They can take their models and caps home as part of their party favor bag.

    More Train Birthday Party Ideas

    Train Party Invitations

    Train Party Decorations

    Train Party Games

    Train Party Food

    Train Party Cakes

    Train Party Invitations

    Ticket Invitation
    A Ticket invitation is simple and effective. Cut a rectangle from thin card, and draw an outline of a ticket using a black marker pen. Using a bright market pen, write out the detail of your train birthday party in the centre of the invitation, for example:
    All Aboard!
    (insert name of guest) is invited to celebrate
    (insert birthday child's name) party- don't be late!
    It's at (insert party address)
    On (insert date and time)
    RSVP: (insert contact details and date replies needed by)

    Train Engine Invitation
    1. Cut the shape of an engine out from a piece of thin card
    2. Write out your invitation details. Centralise your words to ensure that a large circle shape (your funnel) can cover them
    3. Cut the funnel shape out of brightly colored thin card, making it large enough to cover your invitation wording
    4. Stick the top edge of the funnel onto the engine using stick tape
    5. Fold back the funnel, to ensure that it will stay in place, then decorate your engine

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    Train Party Decorations
    I love blue and red helium filled balloons at a train birthday party. To make them even more special anchor them using wooden trains, and give these out as either prizes, or take home gifts for your party guests.

    Scatter red and blue regular balloons around the party area.

    Train Track
    Make a 'train track' using thick card, with track lines drawn on with thick black marker pens, or painted on using black paint. Put the track against walls or fences to minimise tipping hazards.

    Train Pinatas
    Train Pinatas are great fun, especially if your train birthday party is outdoors. I haven't yet been able to make a good one of these at home, so haven't got a design to give you at the moment, but you can buy these through party supply stores locally or through the web.

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    Train Party Games
    You can go wild using your imagination for great train birthday party games. My favorites are:

    Pin the Whistle on the Engine
    This is another, 'pin the tail on' game. Draw a picture of a train engine on a large piece of paper. Put an X where the whistle should be. Cut out whistle shapes from single sided sticky paper, and put the initials of a party guest onto a whistle shape (making sure you have one whistle shape per guest). Blind fold the party guests in turn, and spin them around. Give them their whistle shape and take them gently toward the train picture. Let them stick their whistle shape where they think the whistle should be on the engine. The closest to your X wins.

    Toss the Fuel into the Funnel.
    This is a fun game, and really easy to set up. Simply cover the sides of a waste paper basket with some brightly covered paper, so that it resembles a funnel. The aim of the game is to toss the 'fuel' (bean bags) into the funnel. Each child gets four bean bags and the child that gets the most 'fuel in the funnel' is the winner.

    "How Far to the Station?"
    This game is a variation on the old favourite "What time is it Mr. Wolf?". One child is selected as the 'station master'. The 'station master' stands with his or her back to the other children, who are 'the trains'. The 'trains' shout out "How far to the station?" and the 'station master' turns and shouts a number of miles of their choice, for example "5 miles", and turns his or her back to the 'trains'. The 'trains' then take five steps towards the 'station master'. The 'trains' then shout again, "How far to the station?" and the 'station master' again turns to face the 'trains', and shouts another number, for example, "7 miles", then turns his or her back again. This continues until the 'trains' are very close to the 'station master', and the 'station master' decides to shout, "time to catch the train". The 'trains' run away, and the 'station master' catches one of them, who becomes the next 'station master' and the game begins again.

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    Train Party Food
    In my experience train drivers like simple train birthday party food, including pizza fingers, hot dogs, corn chips and cup cakes. I give the kids sprinkles and candies to decorate their cup cakes with. Serving the food in train shaped boxes make the food especially fun. For drinks I serve lemonade or fruit punch made with apple juice, cranberry juice and slices of apple and pear.

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    Train Party Cake
    A great party like this needs a great birthday cake.

    Train cakesTrain Party Cakes

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