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Train Cakes

Train Cakes are one of the all time favorite kids birthday cakes. You can design your own Train Cake using sheet and loaf pans. You can also buy character pans, engine shaped pans, even stand up baking pans, to make it a little easier to make your creation.

Whatever your preference, these train birthday cakes are really fun to make, and kids just love them. You can make train engines,character trains, perhaps a long train with carriages filled with candies.

You don't have to be a great cake decorator to make these designs- check out the ideas below for some inspiration.

Train Birthday Party Cake

Train Cake

The train cake in the photograph was made by my mom for my eldest sons fourth birthday. This was a fairly easy cake to make, although it took a while to decorate.

To make this train cake, she purchased a ready shaped baking pan, and used a yellow birthday cake recipe for a 9 inch cake. To decorate the cake, she used buttercream icing, a small circle of ready made fondant icing, and a range of icing colors:

  • blue
  • black
  • yellow
  • red

She iced the cake using a star tip, and a small circle tip for the lines and facial features. She used a small circle tip and followed the outline of the train features using black colored buttercream. She filled in the engine details using a star tip, and four icing bags filled with red, blue, black and yellow buttercream icing. She smoothed over the red icing to create a 3D effect on the cake. She completed the cake using a circle of rolled white fondant. She positioned this over a thin layer of buttercream, then used a black icing pen to draw the facial features. It was a hit!

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Train Cake

Train Cakes

I made this cake for my eldest's first birthday. I made a 9 inch square, using the firm birthday cake recipe, and a loaf cake using the basic yellow cake recipe.

I used chocolate buttercream icing to cover the engine and colored vanilla buttercream yellow and pink for the carriages. I used blue colored writing icing for the piped windows and details on the engines and carriages.

Party ring cookies were the wheels (although you could use chocolate sandwich cookies), and chocolate fingers were the coupling rods.

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Train Engine Cake

Train Birthday Cakes

Train Birthday Cake

This Train Cake was for my youngest's third birthday. It was supposed to look like one of his favorite characters, and I used one of his train toys for inspiration. I baked a 10 inch square sheet yellow cake and a chocolate loaf cake, fondant icing and buttercream. However, you can buy the stand up train engine pans, which I suspect makes this a much easier cake to make!

To make this cake you will need:

  • Readymade white fondant icing, colored blue, black, red, green and yellow, or ready colored fondant
  • Writing icing, or colored buttercream in an icing bag to pipe on the wheel spokes, eyebrows and to decorate the engine
  • Buttercream to cover the cake beneath the fondant, and to secure the pieces of cake together
  1. Cover the cake board in a layer of green fondant
  2. Cut the sheet cake in half
  3. Cover one half cake with a thin layer of buttercream
  4. using some of the blue fondant icing, shape it into a rectangle and roll this until it is quite thin. Place this onto the buttercream iced sheet cake, smooth it over, and tuck under the edges of the icing
  5. Place this onto the cake board
  6. Roll out a rectangle of the red fondant, and place over the base to form the footboard area
  7. Use the other half of the sheet cake to cut a circle for the front of the engine, and a square for the top of train cab
  8. Cover the front with a thin layer of buttercream
  9. Roll out black fondant icing until thin
  10. Cut circle out of black fondant icing that's approx ¼ inch larger than the diameter and depth of the front to be covered
  11. Carefully place the circle of black icing onto the iced cake, smooth over and tuck away the ends neatly
  12. For the body of the engine, take the loaf cake and trim the sides, leaving you with a neat rectangle, that is a little narrower than the base, and the same length less the depth of the engine front. Position the square of cake you cut for the 'cab' on top of the engine, securing with a blob of buttercream
  13. Cover the whole engine and cab in a thin layer of buttercream
  14. Roll out enough blue icing to cover this engine and cab, and carefully place this onto the engine body and cab, and smooth
  15. Put a little buttercream on the top of the base to secure the 'engine', and position the body of the engine/cab onto the base
  16. Color a piece of white fondant gray, using a little black coloring. Roll out and cut a circle to form the face of the engine. Make cheekbones and a nose using small pieces of fondant on the underside of the face, and stick this face onto the front of the engine with a little buttercream
  17. Finish the face using white fondant for the eyes and mouth, and black icing to create the eyebrows ad pupils
  18. Use the remaining fondant to create the engine wheels, funnels and bell
  19. Finish by piping train tracks in front of your engine, and piping your birthday greeting onto the engine, or the cake board

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